Shobo's Ideology Behind Custom Made Dresses

We want to transform your closet and your confidence with custom made-to-measure clothing. We believe it’s the most ethically and environmentally impactful way you can buy new clothes. Shobo is your personal and personalized partner for each & every purpose.
* Ethical & sustainable
* Unique & exclusive styles
* A guaranteed perfect fit
Lets Us convince you further:
Why is custom made better??
Bespoke clothing is so much better than off-the rack/standard sizing outfits, for so many reasons...


For starters, there’s just something special about garments that were made specifically for your body and aren’t one of a thousand copies from a store. Custom made clothing fits you perfectly and impacts not just how you feel but also how others perceive you. Did you know, scientific studies found that twice as many people will view you as confident, flexible and successful in the first three seconds of seeing you if you are wearing a made-to-measure suit? And it’s not just for tailored suits, any well fitted item makes you look more successful and attractive!
And secondly, custom made clothes are better for the environment and for the people in the supply chain. Our designing & manufacturing team is a group of few  very highly talented & skilled people.


Custom instead of mass manufacturing significantly reduces the environmental impact of new clothing purchases. To begin with, you’re less likely to throw away extremely high quality custom made clothing with which you have no fit issues – there are fewer returns and fewer garments in landfills. And because Shobo's custom dressmakers have no inventory (when you place an order, it’s made for you), they’re wasting less material. And they’re shipping directly to you, not to a warehouse or store and then re-shipping (far lower carbon footprint than retail). Many of our designs are processed by even going a step further by using sustainable fabrics and zero-waste manufacturing methods.